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"What a pleasurable surprise to know that saxophonist Brian WIngard is living close to me and that I can get to play with him from time to time. He's the REAL thing, great chops, ideas, and such positive energy, fun to play with! "

--Bobby Shew, Grammy-nominated jazz trumpeter
"It's always a pleasure to hear Brian Wingard's saxophone playing. He's made giant strides over the last few years. Don't miss him if you get the chance."
--Larry Hootkin, M.D.
  Co-founder Friends Of Santa Fe, New Mexico Jazz


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I appreciate the chance to introduce myself--and my interpretation of the art of jazz--to you.  I hope you enjoy what you read, and what you hear.














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  • Wendy MacEahern (
  • Felice Tafoya (Taos, NM)
  • Joseph Kelly 
  • the late James Harding (Dayton, OH)

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